Thursday, May 3, 2012

10: A Day in Photos

As far as Thursdays go, I would have to say this one was fairly out of the ordinary. My typical Thursday schedule usually only includes one language class, lunch, and some sort of adventure or bout of laziness in which I spend the afternoon watching parts of a series or a couple of movies. 

This is what my schedule looked like today:
1. Wake up and finish blog
2. Shower/Breakfast time!
3. Extended Language Class from 10:00-1:15
4. Lunch/Brief relaxation
6. Come home and have my roomie do my hair in preparation for a function I am going to with a friend and her host mom :)

Today's adventures: Saint Isaac's Cathedral and the Soviet District of the city
Don't believe me? Here are photos I took throughout the day....enjoy!

The start of the day....

And then it was time for a bit of adventuring....

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

We climbed up to here....

And took in some beautiful views

The top of the Cathedral also shows you the directions of the city (in Russian and English!)

Found some familiar city sights....

But we experienced quite a lot of wind, which lead to difficulty in capturing the perfect photo....

Take 1:

 Take 2:

Almost there....

And voila!

Then we headed toward the metro, where we saw some more interesting things....
Like this woman with purple hair!

After a loooong ride down to the metro and over quite a ways on the red line, we found ourselves in the midst of a place where the Soviet Tradition hasn't quite fallen out of step...

The metros are very deep underground. As a result, it is not uncommon to find yourself on an escalator for about 5 minutes at a time.

Welcome Comrades!

That's when I of course got distracted by this cute lil' Frenchie...
And given the dirtiest look by its owner.

But, back to more Soviet Nostalgia...

I felt that this factory looked fairly Soviet...

We also saw this guy, wearing totally weather-inappropriate clothing, running down the street like a bat out of hell. I'm guessing he probably took more than his ration's worth of bread for the day. KIDDING!...kinda.

Along the way, I saw my favorite cartoon, Nu Pogodi and had to stop for oooone more picture!

Then it was time to go home, get my hair done, and call this day a success....,

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