Thursday, May 10, 2012

THREE days to make an awesome going home playlist?!

      In all of the madness of packing, denial, and preparing for finals (which I would say are going quite well btw!), I have toooootally forgotten to start getting a going home for the summer playlist together, a yearly, end of spring semester tradition. Being behind on a year of anything that's gone on in the States (news, music, movies, EVERYTHING!) has really thrown me off quite a bit. I frequently find myself listening to old favorites or desperately perusing for a new mixtape, dying to know what exactly I've missed at home. So, in a mad dash to put together the perfect blend of upbeat hits (to wake me up in time to catch my flight) and chill indie tunes (for when I finally start to mellow out on the plane...and because I like them haha), I am requesting that everyone send me their favorite song of the fall or spring semester. Please PLease PLEase  PLEAse PLEASe PLEASE! Feel free to leave comments at the end of the post with your musical suggestions!

*Note: Don't you dare think this means I still haven't managed to keep up with finding new music, I still plan on being the Summer Mix CD Master and making a CD worthy of being stolen by my close friends (because we're sooo hip that we still make CDs, right?)
<3 (you've missed a year of overly-played radio hits),

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