Wednesday, May 2, 2012

11: Witnessing a Food Fail

If you've ever read Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" then I'm sure you know all of the horrid things that can be made from what some people would still dare to refer to as "food". After having read the book for several classes throughout my high school career, I have been scarred with the image of what happens to the leftover bits of....anything. Today, however, after stopping in a friend's room for what I thought would be a brief moment, I saw the mother of all things fear factor cooking up in a pot. This wonderful pasta/cow...everything concoction was of course the workings of guys who have spent the previous weekend living in the Russian wilderness (it somehow made their taste buds and stomachs forget what normal food should be like!). Here's a look at what they thought was a wonderfully delicious lunch....until I stepped in. If only my camera had a smell-capture function so you could get the full effect of how awkward this meal really was.

That reminded me of another food fail I found earlier this semester.....
I call it "hamcheese"! It's also a great reminder of how far I've actually come in learning Russian-when I first started my language classes, I knew none of the cases, but had I waited until the end of the semester to find this less than delicious delicacy, I would have known (with my knowledge of the Instrumental Case) that the package clearly indicated that this was cheese "with" something. Had I also looked at the picture for a second longer (without knowledge of the Instrumental Case), I also would have figured that out...but we're not always so lucky, are we?

And since I don't usually like to torture myself with images of disgusting food first thing in the morning, here are some successful dishes from the semester.....


Borscht! (Trying out a Russian Specialty)

Citrus-Pepper Chicken

Baingan Bharta and Home-Made Naan!

Probably my favorite success of the semester, Shrimp Mozambique...I made my own hot sauce for this one, and I'm not going to lie, it was absolute perfection, my momma would have been proud!


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