Sunday, May 6, 2012

7: ONE WEEK!!!!!

     With one week left of our semester in Saint Petersburg, we headed over to Peterhof Palace to enjoy the opening of the fountains and the gloriously sunny weather we were graced with today. We spent our time touring the palace grounds (if we had seen the inside of another palace, although they are extremely gorgeous, I probably would have screamed!) and even got to go inside of a bath house (which oddly enough had one of the most wonderful kitchens I have ever seen). Referred to as the "Russian Versailles", the site of Peter the Great's Palace is frequently noted as a favorite tourist site and is absolutely gorgeous. Although many of the fountains had not been installed during his time, they are an amazing addition to the large palace grounds. It was definitely well worth the semester-long wait to get to see this site.


And After....

(Two of the more bizarre fountains we saw today. I'm thinking the tree fountain fits in a bit more than these feisty dragons...) 

We toured a Bath House....

We narrowly missed being drenched by the shower thanks to hiding in corners!

Right by the shore...

And saw even more fountains...
(Fountains, fountains, everywhere, even the sidewalk saw some water action in the photo on the right)

(Roofs also found themselves elegantly...and in my opinion foolishly...decorated)

We took part in some truly odd traditions...
(Like trying to throw coins in the statue's boot for good luck...I was unfortunately not successful)

__________Flowers popped up to greet us!

And we all spent the day smiling under the sun. (you will be home in just one short week!!!!!!!),

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