Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pack! It's a FOUR (4) letter word!

     Today, after opting out of heading to the city-center for the Victory Day parade (due to a headache this morning), I reluctantly began to pack. As excited as I am to go home and see my friends/family it hasn't quite kicked in that I'm not just stopping home for a day then heading back out to Saint Petersburg-this is the real deal I keep trying to tell myself, you're leaving for good, possibly forever. I found myself walking around yesterday (while trying to acclimate to the glacial pace everyone seems to walk on Nevsky with now that the weather is beautiful) that these are the last few days I will get to spend roaming the city, after Saturday, Saint Petersburg will just be a beautiful memory. How sad is that? Answer: Very sad. I can't imagine what it will be like not waking up in Saint Petersburg on Monday morning and instead waking up in my blue, beach-side room, back to my closet full of summer dresses, which I can wear without the accompaniment of a wonderful fleece jacket or walking into my fully equipped kitchen and not having to carefully plan out what order I will make things in so as to avoid over-using the one pan we have here in the suite. I don't know what the first thing I'll do Monday morning is, but I know that it won't involve hassling with the shower head, throwing on clothes, and going down to explore a new area of Saint Petersburg. I will most likely don a bathing suit and head down the street to soak up some sun, all the while still wishing I were back in Saint Pete's. But enough with the contemplation, and on to the exciting part of the post!

As I was packing my things (SURPRISE, IT ALL STILL FITS IN THE BAGS I CAME HERE WITH!), I stopped to snap a photo of the gifts I have to bring back (a few for myself as well). I know my family is anxiously awaiting my arrival home, so I figured it would be fun for them to get a glimpse of just some of the things that may be heading their way. (Don't get your hopes up too high! I had to keep gifts tiny and to a minimum!)

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